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We Take Care of Your Ink on Paper Needs

In 1922, Walter Foster started printing and publishing his renowned art books from his California printing presses. Foster Printing has grown a lot since then. Today, Foster Printing offers a full range of commercial printing services to companies around the world.

We are expanding our offerings... in mid-2024.

Foster Printing is adding the ability to diecut, fold and glue a wide array of packaging sizes and styles.



In 1988, seeing the growing need by the trade for Large Format capability, we purchased the printing assets and restructured the plant to meet the needs of the expanding marketplace. We spent our time making great impressions for our trade customers (printers / designers / corrugators / distributors), in addition to printing those great Walter Foster Art Books. The majority of our printing for the trade is in the color packaging, P.O.P. displays, signage, and poster niches.

In November 2008, we enhanced our operation by installing a new KBA 162a. This addition was necessary due to the demands of our trade customer base for large format, multicolor printing with in-line UV on various substrates. Ink on paper is our heritage; thanks to Walter Foster, we continue to build on that heritage and at the same time meet the demands of our environment. We are currently printing on a variety of substrates from 50# to 48pt. and from paper to plastics. We feature a special blend of experience and large press technology while providing innovative solutions for even the most difficult projects. In short, we and our suppliers care about exceeding our customers' requirements and the environmental requirements of our industry.



Press Capabilities

Foster Printing has (2) Koenig & Bauer presses, a K&B 164 (64") and a K&B 205 (81"). We can print multiple sheet sizes from 25" x 38" up to 59.5" x 80.625" with as many as 6 colors and in-line Aqueous (AQ) or UV capabilities. We are currently printing on a variety of substrates from 50# to 48pt. and from paper to plastics. Each press is equipped with a Litho Flash - In Press QC Camera System

Product Specialties:

  • Litho Labels
  • POP
  • Top Sheet
  • Posters
  • Limited Edition Art
  • Brochures
  • Maps (Small & Large)
  • Signage
  • Books
  • And more to come in 2024
Finishing Capabilities

At Foster Printing, we’re not only known for putting ink on paper. Our dedicated staff will also complete your project from a simple trim to a complex map fold.

  • 110" Saber XXL Cutting System
  • Stahl Folder
  • MBO Map Folder
  • Shrink-Wrap and Stretch-Wrap Machine's
  • Paper Banding & Tieing
  • Harris 4-Pocket Automatic Stitcher/Trimmer with Cover Feeder
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Kodak Prinergy Workflow
  • Full Size HP In-Position Proof
  • Full Size Epson G7 Color Proof
  • Screen PlateRite Ultima 36000S Image Setter
  • Customer Resource Center

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    Larger than 10MB (up to 5GB)

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