We are expanding our offerings...

in mid-2024 Foster Printing is adding the ability to diecut,
fold and glue a wide array of packaging sizes and styles.

Foster Printing has been your trusted partner for large-format litho for
more than 35 years and we look forward to continuing that relationship with you.

Full Folding Carton Capabilities

We have long been your go-to resource with the ability to print the largest sizes on the largest selection of substrates including all types of paper, board, plastic, and foil.

Foster Printing has committed to a new era in folding cartons with the purchase of a new Koenig & Bauer Allpro 145 folder gluer and an iPress 145 K PRO blanking die cutter. The new Koenig & Bauer post-press equipment will enable additional services to complement current top sheet market production This will make Foster extremely versatile and capable of producing the most complex range of carton styles and finishes maximizing productivity for whatever project demands.

Technical Capabilities

• Full glue inspection and ejection system unleashes higher productivity and customer satisfaction

• Produces a variety of standard carton styles: straight line, double wall, crash lock, 4 x 6 corner, and auto bottom as well as complex carton jobs

• Most technologically advanced blanker for high-speed production and quality with the ability to die-cut a press sheet up to 41.34 x 57.09

"We have clients who have been pushing us to add post-press equipment to become a ‘one-stop-shop’ in which we can print, die-cut, fold, glue, and finish their folding carton jobs. Having this allows us to meet our production requirements, maximize productivity and profitability, and produce endless carton box design possibilities."

- Kris Blackburn, Vice President of Sales